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Does KMC sponsor riders?

Of course, we here at KMC encourage competitive cycling. If you think you or your team has what it takes to represent one of the largest names in the bicycle industry send a resume and cover letter to Please attach any relevant cycling information and achievements to the email.

Where can I get some KMC stickers?

In order to get some stickers please send a self-addressed envelope with proper postage included.

Can I use a regular chain tool to shorten my chain?

Yes, a regular chain tool can be used to shorten KMC Chains and no special tool is needed.

How many times can the Missing Link be used?

The Missing Link on chain models X11SL and X11L can not be reused. All other Missing Links can be reused between 2-3 times per life cycle of the chain. If you purchase a replacement chain, the used Missing Link should not be reused and is not interchangeable. Missing Links offer riders ease of maintenance and quick chain replacement when there is an emergency on the road or trail.

What is the difference between Missing Link I and Missing Link II?

Missing Link I must be used with chains that use a 7.3mm pin length (X8.99-Z72 and Z33-Z33NP) and the Missing Link II must be used with a chain that uses a 7.1mm pin length (Z7-Z50)

How much life can I get out of my KMC chain?

It is very difficult to answer this question because chain wear depends on the usage, performance level, shifting frequency, and chain line. Circumstances such as terrain, wet, dry, mud, water, and salt also affect chain life as well as a rider’s condition and degree of maintenance. The life of your new KMC chain is guaranteed to last longer than other brands. Double X Durability treatment includes all X-SL, X-L, and X-l model chains. For information on how to maintain your chain please look at the chain maintenance guide located on the home page.

When should maintenance be performed on the KMC chain?

Because user’s applications vary, it depends on the product you use and the circumstances you ride under. It is best to perform routine maintenance every 200-300 miles. This includes proper lubrication and checking for chain elongation. More detailed information on how to maintain your chain can be found on the chain maintenance guide located on our home page. For chain elongation, please check out the KMC “Digital Chain Checker”. KMC Chain prides itself in user friendly products which allow for easy maintenance of all chains.

Are the chains ready to be used right out of the box?

Yes, all chains have been pre-greased at the factory and are ready to ride right out of the box (some chains must be fitted to length according to your bike’s exact specifications). If you feel that there is too much grease, use a towel and wipe off excess grease from the plates only, avoiding the rollers. For more information on chain maintenance please look at our chain maintenance guide located on the home page.

What are the differences between the Super Light/Light Gold and Silver Chains?

The “Gold” chains features a Ti-N (Titanium Nitrate Coating) that provides more chain hardness, smoother shifting, and prolonged chain life. The “Silver” chain features an extra nickel plating that also provides more chain hardenss and prolonged chain life. The Ti-N coating goes a step above our Nickel plated coating.

What can I use to connect or disconnect Missing Links?

Missing Links can be connected and disconnected with no tools required. They have been designed for easy installation and removal to aid in both easy maintenance and emergency conditions when out on the road or trail. Installation and removal can be made even easier with the KMC Missing Link Connector and KMC Missing Link Opener

How much weight loss is there for KMC Super Light chains (X9SL & X10SL) compared to regular 9-speed and 10-speed chains?

KMC Super Light chains weigh up to 10%~15% lighter than standard 9-speed and 10-speed chains. Our X10SL weighs in at 241 grams at 116 links which makes it the lightest on the market to date. Lightweight chains are ideal for those who want the lightest and quickest bicycle on the market. Why not be first at the finish line?

Is KMC Missing Link compatible with Shimano chain, Sram chain, or Campy chain?

Yes, KMC constructs Missing Link I, II, 9, and 10 for 7.3mm, 7.1mm, 6.6mm, and 5.9mm respectively; all Missing Links are compatible with Sram, Shimano, and Campy equivalent chains.

Are the KMC X9SL and X10SL models compatible with Sram, Shimano, or Campy drivetrain systems?

Yes, both KMC X9SL and X10SL are compatible with Sram, Shimano, and Campy equivalent chains.

What makes KMC Chains so strong and durable?

With scientifically-proven and tested technology, KMC Chain offers premium chains coated with special solutions such as our world-renowned RustBuster treatment of zinc and chrome. We also construct ground-breaking chains inside-out with advances such as our Sealed Locking technology, which preserves grease inside the chain to prolong its life. Our chains also feature our XXSP stretch proof treatment. This is a treatment that we have perfected in our years of chain manufacturing. The stretch proof treatment is a process of heating and cooling the steel alloys to certain temperatures to yield only the strongest and hardest steel.

Does KMC Chains offer any type of warranty?

KMC only offers warranties for defective items. Being that bicycle chains are under constant strain and are used under various conditions we look at warranty claims at a case by case basis. If you feel that there is a a problem due to a manufacturing error please do not hesitate to email us at and we will do our best to get you back onto the trail. Before contacting us please try and resolve your problem first at your local bicycle shop or online retailer where you purchased your chain. Most of the time chain failure is caused by the chain being used for the wrong application or incorrect shifting. Before using your chain make sure the chain will be applicable to your riding and skill level. Please consult your local bicycle shop first to make sure the chain you are using falls under your riding style.

Why Choose KMC Chains over its competitors?

The chain is the most important part of your bicycle as it delivers energy from the pedals to the drive-wheel, simply stated, no chain, no bike. KMC bicycle chain has been in the business of making bicycle chains for well over thirty years. Unlike our competitors, our only product is bicycle chains, what this translates to is a product that is truly outstanding. All of our energy and passion is focused solely on bicyle chain manufacturing which has always put us on the forefront of bicycle chain technology and innovation. All of the time and energy at our research and development departement is spent only on bicycle chains, unlike our competitors whose time has to be stretched far and thin between because of all the various products. As our motto states we truly have created Intelligence in Motion.