X11 Aurora Review

By The Sweet Cyclist

The Verdict From The Sweet Cyclist

"Overall, we found the KMC X11 Aurora chain offers an attractive finish and impressive performance. As with other KMC X chains the X11 Aurora offers smooth and fast shifting at affordable price points. The color shifting oil slick finish of the Aurora shines in the sun and shifts between purple and teal colors without being distracting or over-the-top like many other oil-slick products. As with the KMC chains, the X11 Aurora has smooth shifting and is easy to install or remove from the bike using the Missing Link feature. We were impressed with how well the Aurora oil-slick finished held up to mileage as it still looks new after multiple months of use. If you’re looking to add a little extra style to your bike, we’d highly recommend trying out the KMC Aurora finish the next time you replace your chain."