Frameworks Racing

Southeast #1

Frameworks Racing

Frameworks Racing kicked off the racing season with the first stop of the Downhill Southeast series in the USA. Both Neko Mulally and Asa Vermette were in attendance to take on the rest of a stacked field of racers. As usual, Tennessee provided only the finest of conditions with a good dose of rain and mud. Asa was stoked with the conditions and mentioned "Where I'm from in Colorado we don't get to ride in mud very often so this is sick!".

Asa Vermette

This was Asa's first race aboard the new Frameworks machine. While he is not used to these conditions he certainly adapted quickly and put down the fastet time of the day by over 5 seconds. What a promising start to the season for the young man!

Neko Mullaly

Neko ran a very smooth race and put down a fast time of 2:21.60 which put him in 5th place for the day.