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2019 New Models

May 22, 2019

We at KMC Chain pride ourselves in innovating and releasing the best quality chains to suit your needs. That being said, new chain-ges have been made to a variety of our chain models. We have outlined some of the name changes for our models below. For your convenience, we have also updated our chain choice guide for 2019. Find out which model suits your needs by clicking the image at the end of this post. Happy cycling!

  • X101 now e101
  • HL710 now HL1
  • Z610 & Z510 now Z1EHX (610 is the narrow (½”x3/32”) model, 510 is the wide (½”x1/8”) model)
  • X1 now e1
  • K710 & K810 now K1 (810 is the narrow (½”x3/32”) model, 710 is the wide (½”x1/8”) model)
  • Z410 now S1
  • Z510 now Z1
  • Z51 now Z8
  • Z33 now Z6
  • Z50 now Z7
  • Z51 & Z72 now Z8.1